The Women Who Raised Me

I often wonder how I turned out the way that I did. Despite all the curve balls my childhood threw me, I ended up relatively normal. Let me state for the record that I am using the term “relatively” very, very loosely. My Mother, who is a fantastic woman, wasn’t exactly the greatest role-model growing […]

20 Kids And Barfing

Throughout their time in the public media sector, the Duggar family has picked up many prestigious awards. Most recently, in 2010, they received the “Pro-Family Entertainment Award” at the Values Voter’s submit. While that is, as they would say, “fine and dandy” – I have a few suggestions for other potential awards: A Certificate of […]

I Love The 90’s

The 90’s was a weird time for everyone. Every era was so distinctly defined up to that point. The 50’s was Leave It To Beaver, the 60’s was all about free love and multiple sexual partners, the 70’s had disco inferno, and the 80’s…well, it was the 80’s. Then we get to the 90’s. Strung […]