Jumping For Joy

It was Saturday night and we were careening down a curvy road headed towards the Cache National Forest. We’d planned on going to Causey Reservoir the following day and figured why not turn it into all-out soiree that included camping under the stars, sitting around a fire, and being one with nature & shit. Once […]

The Time I Married People

We were all drinking whiskey whilst sitting on the floor. It was a common occurrence; too many friends and too little seating so we sprawled in the space we had making the best of it, sipping our respective cocktails, and talking about the impending nuptials of our friends Sam and Emily. At this point in […]

He Not Busy Being Born is Busy Dying

I’m sure my downstairs neighbor really appreciated when I knocked on her door the other morning and asked “Are we dying a slow and painless death right now?” These are not words that should come out of your mouth in any serious-type fashion, and certainly not the way any individual should start their Saturday morning. […]