You Will Grow From Your Grief

I looked lackadaisically at screen of my phone: “Coffee tomorrow?” When I didn’t answer Katie responded with only symbols: “?!?!?!” followed by the implied screaming of a Caps Lock button – “TANYA!!!???” She paused and let a few more diminutive cycles of seconds pass before she tried again: “Are you alive?!?” Leave it to another […]

Ode To Our Late 20’s

At this point in life there’s a lot we have weathered We assumed by now, we’d have our shit together We didn’t think our biggest stresses Would be about fitting into bridesmaid’s dresses That our friends who got the drunkest and danced, Would now be shopping for maternity pants At this point we thought we’d […]

Drunk People Ruin Music

I don’t mind drunken people, I really don’t. On occasion, I am one of them. Now, what I do mind – is when they take what would otherwise be an excellent song, and ruin it forever for me. For someone with virtually no ability to carry a tune, I have always appreciated karaoke regardless. Chances […]