Scamp Life: It’s Now Or Never

The other day as I mindlessly scrolled through Facebook, I stumbled upon a post by my friend Nadine: “If someone had told my 18 year old self that one day I’d be so excited about a sink, I would have told them they’re crazy. But now, here I am, 20 years later, posting pictures of […]

Jumping For Joy

It was Saturday night and we were careening down a curvy road headed towards the Cache National Forest. We’d planned on going to Causey Reservoir the following day and figured why not turn it into all-out soiree that included camping under the stars, sitting around a fire, and being one with nature & shit. Once […]

The No-Plan-Plan

Before I introduce you to the “No Plan-Plan,” it’s important to understand that the No-Plan-Plan is not for everyone. Now, it’s not like Fight Club – adopting the No-Plan-Plan as a way of life does not include a promise to not talk about the No-Plan-Plan, nor does it involve beating the absolute shit out of […]