Things I’m Willing To Admit About Myself

I could be what some people would call a “odd duck,” or “strange ranger.” The Urban Dictionary defines the latter as someone who marches to the tune of their own sequin-clad, boot-wearing, star-wars-lovin’ drummer (The accuracy there is on point for me). I have a unique sense of humor and a reputation for being the person that will always […]

Stress: IRL

Pressure. Stress. Anxiety. Worry. Woe. No matter what you call it we can all agree on the common variable that the aforementioned is not enjoyable, nor is it something we like to experience. However, it inevitably happens – and we can’t always control the triggers that bring it to be the bull in the china shop of our […]

How To Make A Bad Day Good Again

Sometimes days conspire against you. They take on your optimistic affect with squalor and turn it into a no-good, very bad day. These are the days you literally slip on a banana peel, step on a bucket, which then in turn flies into the air clumsily until it lands on your head. Today was a […]

Dirty Hair, Don’t Care

I was sitting in the back of a coworker’s car when the conversation turned to hair washing. Normally I have a filter that shuts off my hearing when I hear words like “makeup,” or “shopping” but curious I listened on: “I only wash my hair once a week,” she says, “I’m on about day five […]

I Like My Job (Most Days)

Having a career is cool. Grad school had the opposite effect on me that it does on most people. You see, I had never held a serving job in my entire life – never slang a drank, cleared a table, or even imagined a foray into that horrible world until I was getting my Master’s […]

When Your Family Is Dysfunctional

It’s the holiday season folks, which means it’s time for Yuletide gayness, pretending you like to spend time with your family, and depleting your resources to buy gifts for people that don’t just include you, your dog, and your cat. Okay, maybe that’s just me – and I don’t want to be a Grinch, my […]