I’m On Vacation & I’m Going To Write

I am going to do some writing on my vacation because writing is not a chore for me, nor is a distraction from the world. Instead it is a part of how I reflect, remember, and conceptualize the experiences of my life. Last night, I drove to Reno with my coworker Kurt like a bat out of hell. Rather Kurt drove like a bat out of hell because with my old lady driving skills, we would have gotten to Reno at the speed of absolutely nothing. We arrived around 11pm and I made it through one glass of red wine before I promptly began drooling on my pillow.

I woke up this morning and stayed contently in bed for an hour. I thought about the last few days and smiled. We’d had our out-of-state reps in from all over the country and had exchanged so many high-fives, hugs, and entirely too many whiskey shots. It is amazing to have this weird extension of our work family and it’s truly special every time they come through and are no longer represented as a string of emails or phone calls. They’re real fucking people and they’re fantastic. I got to present to them and pretend that I’d ever held a PowerPoint clicker in my life.

I’m on vacation and all I’ve done so far is wake up. I made a cup of coffee and trolled my sister’s cats incessantly. You couldn’t rip the crazy cat lady out of my cold, dead hands. Luckily they are slightly concerned and interested that there is a stranger in their house and I’m using their apprehensive curiosity to my advantage. I’ll be in Reno for the next few days, part-work and part pleasure. I get to do that thing where I can’t believe I get paid to share my love of beer, and also spend time with my sister who doubles as my BFF for life. We both hold a fondness for babies wearing glasses, have a hatred for loud eaters, and are okay with our 90’s fangirl desire of wanting to french kiss Kelly Kapowski. Tonight my partner will join us completing our party posse which will surely make Reno weirder than it already is.

After this weekend, my lesbian lover and I will depart to roadtrip Cali. Stops include but are not limited to: Petaluma, San Fransisco, Santa Barbara, and Long Beach. We’ll be staying with friends, drinking good beer, eating good food, and remembering that oceans exist. We have some plans but nothing definitively concrete (we all know I operate best on the No-Plan-Plan anyways). I won’t update everyday, probably just in increments as I go. Clearly I just explained I almost never plan for how my life will unfold so why are you harassing me about the details? Geeze.

I’m unplugged and ready to recharge. With the exception of working Canfest and a few other things – I’m committed to putting the “TO” in “PTO” and consider this true time-off from everything. The world that I leave for a week will still exist without me there, and if you plan a vacation I’m in the school of thought that you should take it.  Shedding your home-skin gives you the opportunity to know yourself outside of your comforts and routine. They say great journeys bring great joy, and I can’t wait to see what this one has in store for me.

“Today was about chasing sun-rays, beach waves, & sunsets. All things beautiful that give you peace are worth chasing. Everything else isn’t.”
― April Mae Monterrosa







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