We Grow Up So Fast

I live in a world of contradiction. Take today for instance; I was really throwing myself a party because I had made the adult decision to actually fill my gas tank. Like full. I kind of hate the act of getting gas; I don’t know what it is. The standing? The waiting? I just feel […]

I’m An Adult

I think I have a really skewed view of what it means to “feel like an adult.” Most of my friends who consider themselves “adults” do things like buy houses or get married but fortunately for the sake of this blog’s existence – that’s not been my experience. Yes, instead of settling down, I chose […]

I’m Coming Out (Again)

I want to talk about being gay. I know what you’re thinking: “Tanya, 90% of the time when your mouth is open it’s guaranteed there is something gay coming out of it.” This is fair friends, but for once I want to take it in a more serious direction – rather than talking about what […]