For Nora

Last year I adopted a dog, or rather – a dog adopted me. That’s what people say, and it sounds all cute, but people who say things like “We didn’t find him, he found us!” happened to adopt a baller German Shepard mix that came toilet trained and had the vocabulary and diction of Edgar […]

The Time I Married People

We were all drinking whiskey whilst sitting on the floor. It was a common occurrence; too many friends and too little seating so we sprawled in the space we had making the best of it, sipping our respective cocktails, and talking about the impending nuptials of our friends Sam and Emily. At this point in […]

My Actual Dating Life

This isn’t the first time I’ve devoted an entire blog entry to the topic at large, and I’m sure as shit it won’t be the last. The people in my life seem to like me and as a result I am constantly showered with the sentiment of; “But you’re so great! I don’t understand why […]