Today Is Your Day

I’m about to tell you something that is going to change the course of your day. It’s really easy, and it’s really special, and it shouldn’t be a secret but at the same time I don’t think a lot of people are aware. The illusive information you are about to be clued in on is simple: you are in control of your day, so make it a good one. Fuck that, make it a great one. That’s right, there’s not really a wrong side of the bed to wake up on unless you deem it so yourself – so chew on that. Likewise, if you get up and saunter out into your living room and stub your toe you have two choices. You could 1.) Curse the world as you know it, consider it a prolific sign from the universe that your day is doomed, and proceed to secrete negativity out of the pores of your soul until the cows come home – or 2.) Curse the world as you know it (for a brief period of time) gimp around for a while, maybe laugh a little bit if you’re feeling up to it, and then move on with your life.

I had a guy come into the pub today. He sat alone at the end of the bar and asked me what beer was going to be the hoppiest. I replied with the two choices he had, neither of which were extraordinarily hoppy in flavor – as we’re in Utah where everything on draft is going to be 4% ABV, and since we don’t do bottle service; we can’t exactly offer up our Double IPA, Imperial Black IPA, or anything with an IBU (International Bittering Unit) over 42. He sat and drank his beer in silence as my bar filled up with smiling faces; a few regulars came in, my best friend who I affectionately call ‘Bucket’ – everyone was having a real nice time of it. They were decompressing about their days, drinking the elixir, unwinding, and checking-in. However, our solitary friend was checking out. He was literally holding his credit card in the air in a way that said “Get me out of here and fast.”

I went over and politely asked if he was all set to which he replied that he was. As I was swiping his card and ignoring his frown he decided to comment: “That wasn’t very good.” I kept my always calm disposition and re-articulated that we could not by law serve the best and most bitter of beers on tap, but that he was more than welcome to take some home. “That was weak,” he sneered, “What a sad excuse for beer.” As his credit card receipt printed out, I bit my tongue and instead smiled as widely as I could. “You have a really wonderful day  Sir,” I said. In my head I added: “And enjoy your negative attitude and how that’s going to affect the rest of your day.”

We are not but random specks in the universe, but creatures of intention. We set them everyday whether we mean to or not. You don’t have to decide if you believe that things just happen and you have no control, or if in fact you’re in the driver’s seat of your life. I would like to suggest the notion that it’s not really even relevant argue fate versus freewill and destiny. Life just is what it is and it’s not worth it to dwell in whether or not there is a metaphysical realm. You don’t need to worry about what it means to be; just be. You don’t need to worry about what reality means, just live it. Mind and Matter, Determinism and Freewill. Don’t fret about existence; just exist.

I woke up today and it was raining; my alarm went off – and I knew it was one of those mornings that despite the option for snooze button status, I was alive for the day. Instead of my dog wanting to get up and go out as per usual, she seemed content to share the idea that we should cuddle in bed and listen to the rain. I went to work, and immediately propositioned my boss to let me off on the early side so I could attend my favorite yoga class. He complied, but also took his sweet ass time in releasing me from my shift. I breezed into the studio like more of a hurricane; not even truly relaxing until my shavasana, in which my yoga instructor proceeded to sing “Wild World” on his guitar by Cat Stevens. This was after an hour of lots of twisting, folding, turning, coordination; and other things I am not good at and it was perfect.

When I got home and my dog was clearly using her words to tell me how viciously unhappy she was with my choice to go to class directly from work, I decided to take her for a jaunt. By jaunt I mean run – because lately when I try to walk the bitch (don’t worry she is in fact a female dog, so the term is absolutely correct) she gallops so vigorously ahead of me that all I can assume is that she dreams of being the Chihuahua version of Jackie Joyner Kersee. What happened next is a little embarrassing. I could barely keep up with her for all of the glorious two-miles we ran. Yes, I (who has played the sports, even in college) could not keep up with the four tiniest legs in creation. While this may speak miles as far as my current physical endurance goes, I found it more humbling than humiliating and was more than satisfied with taking the silver medal in this event.

geWhat I’m trying to say, while I realize the lesson can get lost in my weaving of stories and life experiences quite easily, is that much like websites we are the master’s of our own domain. We get to write our stories each and every day of our lives and get to decide how they turn out. As I sit here tonight and reflect – there was nothing particularly special or exponentially exciting about my day but it was perfect. I mean everyday is really a gift and that’s why they call it the “present.” It’s trite, and it’s true. So realize that right now – no matter how you’re feeling about your day, much like the great musical stylings of Gloria Estefan; you can turn the beat around. You may also love to feel percussion, but that’s entirely up to you.

Take today and know that it’s only yours to keep. Put positive energy out there so you indeed get it back. If people come in and try to ripple your waters that’s allowed but just keep paddling on. You are the composer of your symphony, the conductor to your train, the driver to your ride of life. So as far as International Bitterness Units go, try not to be bitter. Be content with the sheer fact of being, be excited to exist, be real with your reality. Every night I add to my gratitude jar, even when I have a crap day in which I don’t think I have any or much to be thankful for. There is always something. Think good thoughts and you will feel good. If you think bad thoughts, it’s that which you will attract all day.

I challenge you to make this day and every one so forth a good one cause hey – guess what? It’s all on you. Be the author of your own memoir and write it. Today (and everyday) is yours.


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