The Joy Of A Simple Saturday

Life is pretty simple when you think about it. We as humans love to complicate it – trap ourselves in glass cases of emotion, live on the brink of the next existential crisis, stress about money and love or the lack thereof. But when you paw through the muck and release yourself of all the utter bullshit, you have to realize that it’s a fucking picnic. Yeah, you’ve got bills to pay and things to do but at the end of the day life is a piece and cake and hot damn are we lucky to have it on a plate in front of us. Everyday is kind of extraordinary, whether or not truly extraordinary things happen.

Take today for instance – it’s Saturday and I haven’t really done anything of substance but I’m basking in it’s glory. I woke up slow, really slow. I had a late night, but not the kind that ends with me riding home in a trunk because a bunch of drunk lesbians want to avoid cab fare. It was more of an adult late night, where I may have had a few glasses of wine (which is a nicer way of saying a bottle) and then gone ham on cleaning my house. I’m very much a woman whose space reflects where she’s at so the two-day old dishes in the sink and the half-drunken beer bottles on the coffee table were not compatible with my disposition. So like the slightly neurotic person I am, I fluttered around the house until nearly 2 A.M. organizing laundry piles, and sorting myself.

I woke up refreshed and completely happy with the life choice I had made the night prior, as now I had the whole day ahead of me without the concern of household duties. I stopped at my local neighborhood coffee shop, which is just the most quintessential neighborhood coffee shop – I think everyone should have one. I ordered a “Shot in the Dark,” because I’m convinced there’s probably not enough caffeine in a normal cup of coffee, so I’ve always got to add that extra nip of espresso. I made dinner and people came over. I sat out on my front porch smoking a cigarette and listened to the laughter of the women inside, there was never more than a two-second span after it stopped that it wouldn’t start again. It wasn’t anything big – it was a simple night filled with good people, good conversation, and wine glasses that were never stayed empty for long.

bbAnd when I went to bed I felt lucky beyond words. I am surrounded by loving, interesting people who make me tick and feel. I am not inept of appreciating the little things, of relishing in the most mundane of days, of realizing that life is not meant to be full of worry or complexity. It’s good enough to be amongst friends, drink a cup of coffee, or to sit with the rain listening to laughter. Life is simple, and we are the ones who insist on making it complicated. Happiness is as easy as sunshine and walking your dog in the park. It’s painting your nails with your best friend, or taking gratuitous bubble baths.

Henry David Thoreau once said this: “I do believe in simplicity. It is astonishing as well as sad, how many trivial affairs even the wisest thinks he must attend to in a day; how singular an affair he thinks he must omit. When the mathematician would solve a difficult problem, he first frees the equation of all incumbrances, and reduces it to its simplest terms. So simplify the problem of life, distinguish the necessary and the real. Probe the earth to see where your main roots run.”

Life is frittered away by detail, find baseline happiness in your everyday.

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