What Is This Life, Part Deux

uniThe other week so many cosmic clusterfucks happened that I couldn’t help but to stop and expel one of my favorite questions out loud to exactly no one at all: “What IS this life?” Nearly two years ago, in this very same blog, I pondered that profound inquiry (read that entry here) I was 27-years-young and I wondered if I would ever live a life that didn’t include cat hair on everything I owned, excessive credit card debt, or burning sage and reading tarot cards every time I had a problem I didn’t know how to solve.

While I still grapple with the vast majority of these afflictions, it’s also safe to say I’m in a different place than I was at that time. I can no longer drink like I was once part of a Rugby team, I prefer bubble baths to bong rips, and my hangover isn’t cured with a breakfast sandwich. I’ve stopped worrying about the arduous traverse of our life’s journey and started just enjoying the scenery. I honor my past, don’t worry about my future, and embrace the present. I’m left wondering again, “What IS this life?” But in a much different way than I did before; and instead of just posing that question today, I think I want to try and start answering it.

This life is short, but it is brilliant. This life is for living and breathing and discovering what it means to feel inner joy. It’s about awakening in the morning and in your soul. This life is for opening your heart even at the risk of having it bruised or misunderstood. Because love makes super beautiful things happen and even if you don’t have a target you should still be shooting it in every direction.

This life is about others. Be appreciative that in this world, which is full of 7 billion people, that you can find people who challenge you, support you, and make you tick. They are so important and don’t ever forget that. This life is also full of people who are meant to be in your for a time – but probably not forever. They’ll give you something until they don’t and then you learn about saying goodbye and letting things go. Release, this life is so about release. The more we properly release, the more room there is for other things and there are so many other things.

dandelionThis life is for growing. Grow like a weed. A weed is an arbitrary term for a plant that roots deeply and overtakes the other plants that couldn’t hang in the nearby soil. Be a weed, be a fighter – and if you become unrooted just stick in deeper, grow faster and stronger. Even if someone rips you out of the ground, come back again and with vengeance. Never stop changing, you should change all the time in every way – you are an ivy plant, you are mold and moss and you grow fast.

This life is for sharing – whether it’s time, wine, stories, or books. Share positivity, lightness and lessons; share EVERYTHING. It’s about connecting, and you don’t have to connect the dots – just connect to people. More importantly connect to you and make the world look like whatever the picture is you have in your head.

What is my life? Today I woke up, and that was a really good start – not everyone gets to be so lucky today. I spent the day in a comfortable sweater that felt like a hug and laughed with friends. I cleansed, I wrote, I felt at ease. I walked my dog and watched her take in the world; simply stoked for the opportunity to both sniff and pee on things. I marveled in the simplicity of the way children and animals take in their surroundings; soaking in senses and feelings with awe and wonder.

Tonight I will rest with a smile on my face because this life is what it is, was what it was, and whatever will be, WILL BE. Here’s to another blessed week. – Happy Sunday.

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