Dear Anitra…

Dear Anitra, As of now, it’s been about 10,957 days, 6 hours, and 22 minutes since you were born and I speak only the truth when I say I am grateful for each and every millisecond you’ve been alive, even for the ones I wasn’t around for. Since biding your time behind high-waisted pants, you […]

When Real Life Is The Best Life

Sometimes, much like the song from the late 90’s alternative rock band LIT, I can be “my own worst enemy.” This is a fact that I feel like many people would find surprising. Overall I am a pretty positive person, not to mention I spend an adequate portion of my life telling other people how […]

An Open Letter To Myself

Dear Tanya, Stop being a dick to yourself. Seriously, sometimes you have NO regard for the human being you are – and you’re a pretty decent one. But you do stupid shit like arbitrarily go on hikes without enough water, and face the sun with little to no sunscreen. In case you missed the memo, […]