He Not Busy Being Born is Busy Dying

I’m sure my downstairs neighbor really appreciated when I knocked on her door the other morning and asked “Are we dying a slow and painless death right now?” These are not words that should come out of your mouth in any serious-type fashion, and certainly not the way any individual should start their Saturday morning. […]

How To Be Eternally Single

I bet some of you look at me and think: How is she possibly single? Adversely others may look at me and say “That makes total sense” (consider yourself dead to me but also that I’m in agreement with the latter statement). Anyways I bet some of you are wondering how I do it, how […]

On Being Gay

I am not a real human being right now. I haven’t changed my socks in three days, my legs are hairy to the point they are itchy, and I don’t think I’ve had an actual meal in over a week. Yes ladies and germs – it’s the old end of the semester crunch. I have […]

This Is My Life

Folks, the other night shit got weird. Remember my recent blog, “What is my life?” Well, although I was convinced there would be some sort of shift with a new year at bay, don’t worry – my existence continues to be full of awkward and unfortunate moments on a daily basis. Case and point – […]

Courtney & Tanya Tackle 2013

With a New Year in our sights – we are all often found looking for resolutions, new goals, opportunities, and experiences. In a conversation that most likely involved an oversized bottle of wine, my friend Courtney and I decided that our new “thing” for 2013 would include the collection of eccentric and random hobbies. Now we’re […]