Ode To Our Late 20’s

At this point in life there’s a lot we have weathered
We assumed by now, we’d have our shit together
We didn’t think our biggest stresses
Would be about fitting into bridesmaid’s dresses
That our friends who got the drunkest and danced,
Would now be shopping for maternity pants

At this point we thought we’d be using our degrees
Not serving burgers to pay our tuition fees
Every week on my fridge a new “Save the Date” appears
So I open the door and get myself some beers

“Oh the Places you’ll go” said Dr. Suess
But my liberal arts degree makes me want to stick my head in a noose

I forget I’m not in college, I go out and rage
I wake up hung over and my best friend is engaged
People look at like me they’re sorry and tell me I’m next up at bat
But I could really care less, I have my cat

Sometimes we go corporate; we join the mass
We pretend to do work and photocopy our ass
Nothing you do is deserving of a raise
So you pull an ‘Office Space’ and set the whole building ablaze

We’re supposed to be young, free and alive
Not thinking about how we’re going to pay rent and breaking out in hives
I used to listen to my cassette tapes, Crazy Sexy Cool
I dreamed of my awesome adult life and what would happen after school

Oh late twenties you’ve done me so dirty,
Fuck you for now – see you at thirty.

This poem was written by Heather and Tanya.

Tanya and Heather live together separately in Hartford, CT. They collaborate like Lennon and McCartney, with hints of Simon and Garfunkel, and a touch of Whitney and Bobby Brown crazy. They like to do things together; like tandem bicycle, watch Canadian melodrama, and spend entirely too much time in the company of cats. They enjoy sunset walks on the beach, punching people, and not smiling.

We will only go to your wedding if the other can be our plus one. We’re not dating we just like to listen to ‘Endless Love’ in the dark.

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