Willy Wonka’s Thoughts On Adult Acne

In trolling the internet yesterday, like I do, I came across a meme on reddit called ‘Condescending Wonka’ the introductory caption to this particular one read ‘How I feel when I see the celebrity Proactiv commercials’

I want to meet the witty little bastard who came up with that one and shake his hand. Sometimes when I look in the mirror I have to ask myself some serious questions like: Am I sixteen or twenty-six? Did I fall asleep with my head on a pillow, or face down in a pizza box?

You think at this point in your life, you’d be done with the rites that are mostly reserved for puberty, but no. With the money I’ve wasted on copious amounts of face washes, creams, masks and tubes of zap-zit in the last few years, I probably could have put a down payment on a house by now.

Adult acne is pretty much balls, and a less than enthused Gene Wilder approves this message.

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