I Coulda Been A Contender

I remembered something the other day – I used to make a fool of myself on YouTube on almost a weekly basis. I worked with several collabs, had a personal channel, and rendered myself somewhere along a line-up of D list lesbians (“D list” is being very, very generous) Yet along that long, and dyke filled road; I lost sight of my dream, hit a big gay stop sign, and simply stopped one day. Maybe I’ll make it back to the world of video blogging – or maybe I won’t. These days I find myself more comfortable with the written word – snuggled amongst commas and semi-colons rather than webcams and the horrible sound of my own voice. In any event, I decided to do a round-up of some of my favorite videos from the last two years. Enjoy and reminisce with me.

1. The meeting of Clyde & T. Although we worked the webs together for nearly a year, it wasn’t until this video that we actually met. This short video represents 48 hours of the pure chaos and insanity that was the time we spent together:


Why didn’t you get me a corsage, Melissa Etheridge?

2. I’m Gay. I neglected YouTube for a few months and the next time I looked this video had 136,559 views:


I’m not sure what attributed to this video’s success as compared to my others, but I’m assuming it was probably the flying cats at 1:21.

3. Once upon a time I decided that the cinnamon challenge (ingesting one teaspoon of the spice and ‘ simply’ swallowing it) was child’s play. Then I actually tried it:


The results were messy, and full of drool. No, it was not like Fun Dip at all. Not one bit.

4. Baby’s First Video. This was the first time I ever made a video for YouTube. To this day I still love it because the story is so true – every single lesbian on the planet knows ‘that girl’ –


At one point in my life, I was that girl.

5. Lez Get Serious. I have a lot of videos that touch on the real ‘facts of life,’ and I’m not talking about the old show from the 1980’s with Natalie and Tootie. While different videos pull different heart strings, this one also involves me dancing to LMFAO:


Side note: I’m not a great dancer.

While the absence of a microphone and camera on my new computer makes my glorious return complicated, you never know – I may try to make use of this teenage acne riddled 26year-old face while it’s still semi-decent to look at.

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