Whitney Is Alive

Whitney, looking too cool.

Well, not the one with the last name Houston – but let’s talk about my good friend Whitney Borisenok. I don’t normally pimp people out on here, I save that for the streets and only involve myself if there’s monetary profit involved. But every now and then, something comes along that you truly endorse and as a result, you really want to whore out.

When I first had the pleasure of making Whitney’s acquaintance I was half in the bag, so when she took out her guitar and started playing pop music – she completely and utterly had me. My friend who had recently started dating Whitney probably wanted to push me off of the stool I was barely teetering on as I slurred repeatedly: “Your girlfriend is SO cool.”

Two years ago, Whitney met met fellow singer/songwriter Tyrone Wells at one of his shows and he signed a set list with a special message for her – “I look forward to the day when you’re signing your set list for me!” Now she’s actually got the chance to not only bring this dream to fruition, but to open for one of her favorite crooners. Wells is holding a contest on YouTube in which he asks fans to cover one of the songs from his new album. With the grand prize of an opening slot on Tyrone’s upcoming tour, musicians have grabbed their respective instruments and begun to battle it out in cyber space.

Whitney Borisenok is among the front-runners. The 25-year-old New York native is not your average lesbian with a guitar. The idea of female gay musicians conjures up such images as Melissa Etheridge belting the angry lyrics to “I’m the Only One” in an all-white pants suit or the angry ballads of Ani DiFranco from her all too short-lived ‘gay days.’ Borisenok puts this stereotype to shame as she prefers pop music and is more likely to be covering the likes of Lady Gaga and Maroon 5 before she gets to K.D. Lang and Tracy Chapman.

How do you help this adorable lezbean in need? Watch her video – better yet take it to the nets and scream her praises on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. We really haven’t had any positive examples of lesbians in the media since Ilene Chaiken lost her damn mind and created “The Real L Word,” so let’s go ahead and remind the world that most of us are normal, talented human beings, and productive members of society.

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