The Quintessential 90’s: A Photographic Exploration

This post was inspired by a wonderful link my friend sent to me from Buzzfeed entitled: 48 Pictures That Perfectly Capture The ’90s.

It’s not a secret I have a huge woman boner for the 90’s – in fact I’ve blogged about this dubious decade a number of times. There was the I Love The 90’s post, the Tanya Loves (90’s) Toys parts one and two (also the special “weird toys” edition.) My unhealthy and everlasting obsession with Lisa Frank in which I hypothesized the artist liked drugs in a 3 piece mini-series (2 & 3.) Now that we’ve established I’m not exactly a rookie when it comes to the era of Koosh Balls, Furby’s, Grunge Rock, and gazing longingly into Jared Leto’s eyeballs I present to you this – The Quintessential 90’s: A Photographic Exploration.

1. The McDonald’s Toys “Changeables” that were actually transformers:

2. Mr. Andrew Keegan, who graced the center-folds of both Teen and Tiger Beat as a heart throb throughout the 1990’s:

3. Reebok Pumps – because blowing up your shoes up with air granted you baller status:

4. These “valuable collectors items” that people paid hundreds of dollars for:

4. Ouija Boards. The spirits say “The 90’s were awesome”

5. Forget about your folders, five-star notebooks, and Yikes pencils. Trapper Keepers revolutionized what it meant to be cool in school:

6. That bitch Brenda Walsh:

7. What happened when the purse and knapsack had a baby, behold the mini-backpack:

8. Life was as simple as Lori Beth Denberg giving you Vital Information for your Everyday Life.

9. This album that made it okay for me to use the word “sexy” at the age of 9 (and was also the first compact disc I ever owned):

10. Tee-shirt clips:

11. Truth be told, I would absolutely shit my pants if I ever ran into a temple guard on ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’

12. Jenny McCarthy on ‘Singled Out’

13. Hit Clips. Why listen to an entire song when you can just play the bridge and part of the chorus over and over again:

14. Yes Blossom, that hat does detract attention away from the rest of your face:

15. Puck from the Real World San Fransisco, what a dick:

16. This stupid haircut:

17. Overalls with one strap down. Extra points if you were rocking a crop top underneath:

18. How my generation will forever remember Brittany Murphy:

19. Whether you knew anything about sports or not, you owned A Starter Jacket:

20. Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society:

21. I’d like to think of Casio Secret Senders as the precursor to text messaging. Granted, you had to be standing within a 15 foot radius of whomever you were sending messages too, but still – what cutting edge technology:

22. I think we can all agree that Topanga was way too hot to date Corey:

23. We watched Ren & Stimpy for such quirky gems as:


25. Daria Morgendorffer, arguably the original hipster – making apathy and a general disdain for society cool since 97′

26. Janet Jackson, pre-nip slip:

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