I Can Make Anything Awkward

Today I had to take a drug test. In the scrapbook of my life, it would be marked – “Baby’s First Drug Test.” No, I have never been drug tested before – which is surprising considering I’ve held several jobs in which that probably should have. As my appointment was at 10:30, I woke up […]

Sharing Is Caring Friday

Welcome to Sharing Is Caring Friday. I’ve worked plenty of desk jobs and everyone knows what Friday is for: tying up your work week and getting things done wasting time on the internet. Without further ado, I present to you: The best news blooper of all times.   I can understand maybe mistakenly calling Mr. […]

20 Kids And Barfing

Throughout their time in the public media sector, the Duggar family has picked up many prestigious awards. Most recently, in 2010, they received the “Pro-Family Entertainment Award” at the Values Voter’s submit. While that is, as they would say, “fine and dandy” – I have a few suggestions for other potential awards: A Certificate of […]