Gay People Hate Kim Kardashian Today

For the last few hours my Facebook news feed has been clogged with the breaking news of Kim Kardashians shocking divorce (I am using the term “shocking” lightly). Her family clearly makes good decisions when it comes to the sanctity of marriage. Khloe married basketball husband Lamar Odom after less than a month of dating. […]

The Game Of Life

Maybe you wake up every morning wondering what I’m up to and spend the day refreshing my blog page over and over again just waiting in anticipation. If that’s the case – 2 things are evident. 1. I might get a restraining order against you in the future, and 2. You’ve been sorely disappointed in […]

Senior Citizens Are Ballers

I can’t wait to get old. I can fart in public, fall asleep wherever I am, take powerful prescription drugs, pretend I have bad hearing when I don’t feel like responding to people, ignore social norms, say completely inappropriate things, and refuse to drive anywhere because I’m old (I don’t do any of that now). Seriously though, […]