Tanya Loves Toys: Round 2 Fight!

As promised, this is a follow-up to Tanya Loves Toys: Part One. I like toys a lot – specifically, the ones I grew up with. I was a kid before kid’s knew how the internet worked. I thought AOL chat rooms were “the bomb” and that life would never get better than a dial up modem. Continued, here are the toys of my innocence:

Polly Pocket – I love tiny humans – and I’m not talking about babies. What I am talking about is everyone’s favorite little lady, Ms. Polly Pocket. Polly was a trailblazer, a true independent woman. She lived by herself, and she didn’t play by anyone’s rules but her own. She knew how to throw a good party whether she was staying in her caboodle mansion or her heart shaped beach house. Get it girl.

Pogo Ball – I know this might be hard to believe but my klutzy nature started early in life, which prohibited me from actually owning this item. While I hated my parents for it at the time, I now thank them on account of I never sustained a traumatic brain injury.


Trolls – Trolls are great, and maybe a little creepy. I appreciate their roots in Norse Mythology and Scandinavian folklore. I also appreciate their cute little gem-ridden tummies that make all wishes and dreams come true.

Talkboy– While Kevin McAllister definitely made them cool, Talkboy’s could hold their own.


With earth shattering technology you could manipulate your voice to either sound like Julia Childs or Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Popples – I have fond memories of Popples. Popples were fun little fantasy creatures that kind of looked like teddy bears on acid. There were originally 9 Popples: Pretty Cool Popple, Party Popple, Pancake, Puzzle, Prize, Puffball, Pretty Bit, Potato Chip, and Putter. The most entertaining part of Popples was that you could fold them in on themselves:

NKOTB Swag – If you did not have New Kids On The Block bed sheets you were nothing. Don’t have a hot pink NKOTB Velcro wallet? Forget it. Not the proud owner of a Joey McIntyre doll? Uncool. If you want to Hang Tough, I’d recommend taking it Step by Step and acquiring some of these items.

Jeeps – Yeah… Beep beep, who got the keys to the Jeep. Missy Elliot knew what was up. Those electronic Jeeps for kids were pretty much the ultimate sign of street cred. This was my Jeep. My driver/sister is covering her eyes (safe) as my Father (whom I affectionately refer to as Ray-Ray) is looking on with both contemplation and horror.

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