My Car Hates Hippies

For the last week I’ve been up at, Goddard College, for my eight day residency. My friends affectionately refer to my school as Hootenanny College, Hippie School, and Fake College. This is because the format of Goddard is slightly alternative. The majority of the coursework is self-directed and we are encouraged to tailor our program to our passions and interests. […]

Tanya Loves Toys: Part One

I feel lucky to have grown up when I did, very lucky. Sure we had television and a moderate level of technology, but the television wasn’t my baby-sitter and there was no such thing as a smart phone. Honestly, at this point in time a 5 year old can probably work an iPhone better than […]

I Survived

For those you who had doubts that I could successfully migrate my ass from one side of the country to another, worry no more. I have made it from point a to point b relatively unscathed with the exception of one poorly timed gas stop in Dalton, Illinois. For a little white girl to be in […]

I Hate My Droid

About eight months ago I purchased the Droid Incredible. As I had previously been a Blackberry (or in true BB lingo, a “crackberry”) user, I was excited to upgrade to what was promised to me as truly, an incredible phone. Now, I’m going to say it, because I don’t know that a lot of people […]