I Am Ready To Move Cross Country

This is by far, the understatement of the century. It’s like saying Luke Skywalker’s Midi-chlorian counts weren’t high enough to defeat the dark side, and that Batman doesn’t kick ass on account of his lack of “super hero abilities.” I am in reality, far less than ready to travel the approximate 2323.29 miles it will takes from […]

Family Business

I was marinating over what I wanted to blog about today, so I did the age-old routine of posting “What to blog about today?” on my Facebook wall in order to fish for inspiration. The two responses I got were: 1.) How great you look in plaid, or 2.) Flaming dog poo and the human response. I feared […]

The Weirdest Toys Of My Childhood

1. The Super Soaker Oozinator Once upon a time, Hasbro decided that just shooting water out of their Super Soakers wasn’t good enough. So they came out with a new water gun; “The Super Soaker Oozinator.” It featured an “air-powered blaster,” 27-ounce water capacity and 20-shot “bio-ooze” capacity. Now pray tell, what is this “ooze?” […]