Why I Hate Hippies

I recently spent nearly 4 days surrounded by thousands of dirty, sweaty hippies at the music festival Gathering of the Vibes. Back in the day, I attended this festival every year. However, revisiting it almost five years later at a more “adult” age wove a completely different story. I was reminded of a very small detail I hadn’t been confronted with in some time: I hate hippies.

I hate the way hippies dance. They twirl in circles to the point that it makes me want to boot vicariously and sometimes they do things with their hands that make it look as though they are molesting an invisible basketball. Also hippies always want to dance with you, regardless of your desire to participate. In fact hippies always want you to be a part of their diabolical schemes. Example: At Vibes I was patiently waiting for my friends to finish their business in the outhouses (pun intended) when two random girls grabbed me by my arms and began skipping and dragging me away while saying “COME ON GIRL!” I politely declined.

B.O. I always think that I sweat a lot, and that I smell until I find myself five feet away from a hippie. They smell like giant patchouli farts. When I smell a hippie I feel as though I am trapped in someone’s armpit with no escape route.

Hippies don’t know when to go. If I had a nickel for every time someone came over to our campsite trying to sell ketamine, or some other kind of drug I have no interest in doing – I could have used those change rolls to pay for my plane ticket home. You think after you graciously respond with “No thanks, we’re all set,” that they would go. But, no. They take it upon themselves to sit their smelly mud caked asses right on your coolers. No please sit where I am storing my food for the next four days, and yes please tell me a nonsensical story about your life – I’m so interested.

My nightmare, in pants form.

Hippie Fashion. If I could go the duration of my life without ever seeing a pair of corduroy patchwork pants again, I would be enthralled- and while some may appreciate your apparent lack of a bra, I don’t. It’s a lose/lose situation. If they’re too big gravity is less than kind, and if they’re too small it looks like your housing pointy mosquito bites.

Hippies are not considerate. At Vibes, I noticed something. For people who stereotypically make love to mother Earth on a daily basis, they also thank her for her kind gifts by littering everything from shit shorts to beer cans. Not only did I witness an actual pair of discarded shit shorts on the ground, but there was also deceiving pile of shit located directly in front of our campsite. Our neighbors argued it could be a dog turd, but I had a dog once and I know my dog turds. Fact: we had a hippie squatter. Who does that?

Hippies aren’t real people. With humidity, the temperature went up to 115 degrees at the festival. I celebrated by laying face down on a towel with a fan in front of my face, while I silently considered writing my living will on the back of a paper plate in preparation for my imminent death. Everyone else celebrated by cracking open beers at 8 am, and popping drugs like pez candy. How a hippie didn’t die this weekend, I can’t understand.

So you have dreads, big whoop.

Nappy Dreads. I appreciate good dreads. What I don’t appreciate are ones that look like your head is pooping and ones that suffer from never obtaining a deep cleaning in the years they’ve been on someone’s head.

Maybe I don’t hate hippies, maybe I just hate people. In any event, I didn’t let the poop pants, the intoxicating smell of armpits, the fact that earth was a sauna, or that I got offered more drugs that Amy Winehouse – ruin my good time. As far I’m as concerned, real hippies don’t exist anymore. The hippie subculture was a youth movement in the 1960’s that involved things like activism and reform. Nowadays all it takes for people to deem themselves a “hippie” is owning the Very Best of the Grateful Dead and the ability to huff copious amounts of laughing gas.

16 thoughts on “Why I Hate Hippies

  1. Awesome thread!!! Hippies are annoying and they do always want you to dance with them . I hate dancing with them because they can’t dance and they smell and smile to much. Never trust anyone who smiles all the time.

    1. Exactly Jon, those smiles are just barely real, it’s drug influence. When it comes to building deep, meaningful relationships with them, they fail miserably. Most of them can’t even maintain coherent thinking or speech for that matter, to do so. They are a sad bunch suffering from hoard mentality and lack of independent thinking. They shout out and despise anybody ‘normal’. No one is more arrogant than a hippie.

    2. Exactly Jon, those smiles are just barely real, it’s drug influence. When it comes to building deep, meaningful relationships with them, they fail miserably. Most of them can’t even maintain coherent thinking or speech for that matter, to do so. They are a sad bunch suffering from hoard mentality and lack of independent thinking. They shout out and despise anybody ‘normal’. No one is more arrogant than a hippie.

  2. Wow… You are quite the hater. All we are trying to do is to get you involved and lift your spirits. Sure some have bad hygein but we just try to live our lives freely if you dont like us so much then maybe you shouldnt hang around us so much.

  3. How lame. Been a long time since I have seen hippies like that but maybe I can’t see them under the corporate festival umbrella. If gathering of the vibes promotes anything like earth love, what a joke. A sad one. It’s a corporate vampire fest. This hateful complaining is trite. I’d rather be with a bunch of smelly hippies somewhere nice and earthly than with a bunch of hateful snobs on a dance floor, but again, I don’t really see hippies at festivals mostly wealthy brats, die hards, space aliens and a few youthful drugheads . Maybe neo style hippies but they didn’t smell and those patchwork pants are mostly from the 90s. So wow you almost died in the heat. You make early beer drinking sound cooler than necessary. Peace.

  4. so you don’t like people live naturally and embrace peace, love and exeptance, and your argument is fashion, their dancing and b.o… wow so compelling

    1. Eh, it’s kind of satirical because if you know me in real life I am totally a hippie. I was moreso talking about going to bad music festivals and running into the small community of douchey hippies. I am ALL for love and peace and the good things 🙂

    2. The thing is Ellie, most hippie festivalgoers don’t actually embrace those things.. Also, you don’t need to be a hippie to embrace them. In my experience, the people who actually care and induce positive change are ‘invisible’, they do their work in silence and practice their positive attitude in everyday life. Hippie gatherings are for losing yourself, parading in distractive costumes and wanting to belong. It’s about things scratching the surface only. I mean, do you actually believe that the reason any ‘hippie’ goes to a fest is because of the environment or caring for Mother Earth? I mean come on.

  5. Well I don’t need to go outside of my Ojibway ~ Metis Native American (0.5% of the population – invisible minority) culture to embrace the Earth. She is a part of my culture, heritages, and traditions. I am so disgusted by hippies and they deny things such as venomous racism that still exist towards Native and other People of Color. I find hippies appropriating my culture. One time at a music festival an asshole hippie say thank you (miigwech) in our Anishinaabe language. I replied, why are you saying this because you aren’t Native. He replied with some bullshit of being “all one.” What an annoying hippie. Their attitude towards people who don’t eat organic or whole is annoying. Some poor folks only get what they can get with food stamps or from a local food pantry. Generally slim pickings and no the healthiest. Their pretentious and trust funder attitudes are a disgusting disease.

  6. I deplore the fact that hippies are always associated with drugs and drug use. What hippies know about drugs could be written about on the back of a postage stamp.

    I wash myself daily, I’m self supporting materially, I wear clean clothes and I don’t espouse the latest looney left bullshit as being serious political fact. JFK, Barrack Obama, Bulghakov (russian writer), Queen Victoria, Cooleridge and numerous other famous lights over the years and centurys have been drug users and weren’t stinking, looney left, piles of excretia known as hippies.

    So please do not insult me by mentioning hippies and drug use in the same sentence. Hippies are slime.

  7. P.s-the funniest part about hippies is often such people when in their 20’s are so looney , progressively , peace to the world left. Yet once in their 30’s become right wing corporate , greed is good wankers which are further looney right then their parents. Have a good look at the ruling classes today. This is your woodstock, peace man generation in all their save the world wanker best.

    Chicago seven where are you today?? Ummm Wall Street…really.

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