Lisa Frank Is Still On Drugs

Meet Buffy, Brandi and Pawla (nice play on words Lisa!). According to this wrap sheet they are best friends who go to the “Beary Cool School” where they are cheerleaders. I’m assuming made it for their gymnastic skills and not their good looks and popularity. They like “When their team wins!” and dislike “When their team loses!” Personally, I like thinking about meeting them after practice and jumping them in the alley behind the Beary Cool School and dislike their faces. I’m also fairly certain only 1/3 pictured are technically bears.

While we’re on a roll with meeting new people, meet Valerie. Her “Typical Diet” states she is a “total vegetarian.” I’m pretty sure Lisa meant to write “total vagitarian.” You can clearly see in a glance she loves pussy. I’d like to say that Valerie and I could date, but her dislikes include “steak” and “mean people.” Both of those things are deal breakers for me.

Hey numb nuts, how’s that juggling paint going for you? I’m sure your Mom, if she hasn’t given you up for adoption yet, loves the fact your hurl paint around like a circus freak. Last time I checked paint wasn’t especially aerodynamic, but I will have to give this a go sometime.

Also, nice coveralls gay wad. Make sure you wear them to your local pride.

I found this image online with a Mother’s review beneath it: “My 8 year old was not satisfied with this product.” Newsflash: It’s a fucking notebook. I’m sure it was your child who was not “satisfied” and not you, a forty something woman who collects Lisa Frank accessories and undoubtedly has an excess of cats and lack of male suitors.

All I can think when I look at this picture, is that it’s an allergy attack waiting to happen.

What is Lisa Frank without rainbow dolphins? I’ll solve that riddle for you: nothing, she is nothing.

When did people come into the picture with Lisa Frank? I’m not actually sure if these girls/women are supposed to be 13 or 33. Either way their busy whoring it up in the magical world of Lisa Frank in midriffs and booty shorts.

These are two dalmatians who are really showing their spots! I actually just tipped off my buddy Cruella Deville and let her know I found her a new techni-colored dream coat for her.

4 thoughts on “Lisa Frank Is Still On Drugs

  1. She’s nothing….except a millionaire and a world wide name. While the person who wrote this has nothing but a whopping two comments. So pathetic.

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