RIP Lisa Frank

Okay, so Lisa Frank isn’t dead. According to their corporate information their headquarters is located in  Tucson, Arizona so I imagine she’s sitting on her back porch drinking a mojito, staring at a cactus, and laughing about how rich she got making stickers and notebooks with unicorns and homoerotic polar bears. What is dead, is me […]

Why I Hate Hippies

I recently spent nearly 4 days surrounded by thousands of dirty, sweaty hippies at the music festival Gathering of the Vibes. Back in the day, I attended this festival every year. However, revisiting it almost five years later at a more “adult” age wove a completely different story. I was reminded of a very small detail […]

I Love The 90’s

The 90’s was a weird time for everyone. Every era was so distinctly defined up to that point. The 50’s was Leave It To Beaver, the 60’s was all about free love and multiple sexual partners, the 70’s had disco inferno, and the 80’s…well, it was the 80’s. Then we get to the 90’s. Strung […]

Lisa Frank Is Still On Drugs

Meet Buffy, Brandi and Pawla (nice play on words Lisa!). According to this wrap sheet they are best friends who go to the “Beary Cool School” where they are cheerleaders. I’m assuming made it for their gymnastic skills and not their good looks and popularity. They like “When their team wins!” and dislike “When their […]